Yellow Gold is an alternative that is fashion, in the preparation of engagement diamond rings, even though more than one decade, white gold has dominated the production of pieces of jewelry, and lately there is a new trend in the manufacture of rose gold wedding rings, another variable of gold, increasingly fashionable.

yellow gold ring

The origin of first gold or 18K, i.e., the one used in jewelry, is always the same regardless of color, because the base is in all 3/4 parts of pure gold or 24K.

The fourth, the hardening part remaining as pure or fine gold is extremely malleable characteristic that makes it not useful in the manufacture of jewelry; it is what determines the color of the precious metal.

Thus, copper is the element that provides red and pink rose gold, palladium in the case of white gold and silver in yellow gold.

As already noted, the majority of engagement rings and wedding band are ordered in white gold, but by tradition, bridal jewelry more classical performing all the manufacture of jewelry in yellow gold.

There is no doubt that yellow gold brings numerous advantages in certain jewelry, while it is true that gives some yellow hue diamond, preferably the white gold in the realization of diamond jewelry.

Among the advantages of more traditional gold, note that the yellow gold only requires a polished to give the final gloss of jewel, while white gold, as well as the indispensable polished, unlike yellow has to pass a process of rhodium-plated or bath dipped in rhodium, product used to give a white shade, greater beauty than the steely tone of white gold come directly out of casting.

In addition, the yellow gold creates a beautiful contrast with the brightness and the absence of color diamond when for example the engagement ring chosen is a diamond solitaire.

In the case of the wedding band, this gem generally has a more classic and traditional, so despite the new trends, wedding bands are usually chosen by most engaged couples in yellow gold.

But one thing is certain, and that is if your engagement ring is yellow gold and we intend to carry it along with the wedding ring to create a beautiful twins, this should also be made in yellow gold.

There is also the possibility that we like different shades of gold, and we like mixed. If so, we can choose bicolor or tricolor jewels, a place where two or more golds in the same jewel in an original and beautiful design.