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    7 jewels that every woman should have

    One of the weaknesses of girls is jewelry, we know it. And we also know that whenever you see something that you love, you're tempted to buy it now! This ...

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    How to combine clothes and jewelry? We give you the keys

    The accessories are a fundamental part to make any look stand out in a special way, and in the world of accessories, jewelry plays a key role. Combining clothing and ...

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    10 Key Jewelry Pieces That Every Modern Woman Must Have

    Having style is not the same as being fashionable. And there is nothing more 'stylish' than knowing how to choose your accessories for every occasion. Discover the secret! The bearing with ...

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    Resize a ring. What can go wrong?

    Did your dearest ring is no longer on your finger? There is no need to worry; there is always the possibility of increasing or decreasing its size. There are several reasons ...

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    Day Jewelry And Night Jewelry

    Day or Night? As with shoes, clothes or eye shadows, there are also jewels that are designed to show off at a particular time of day, at night and others ...

19 Sep

How pearls are worn

Pearls are an accessory that never goes out of fashion, they are timeless, and so it is worth investing in this type of jewelry. In ...
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