Why does my piercing smell bad?

We spend many days thinking about that new piercing that we want to wear on our body. So much so that sometimes we don’t stop to think that it also has a somewhat dark part. But let no one panic, because everything has a solution. Many people wonder why my piercing smells bad.

piercing smell bad

Well today we are going to answer that and remedy it. Finding out where that unpleasant smell comes from, we can say goodbye forever.

Although we think otherwise, it does not have to indicate that there is an infection, although it can also be one of the main reasons. Discover the others and their best solutions!

Why does my piercing smell bad?

Surely on some occasion you have stopped to think: Why does my piercing smell bad. Well, the location of the same does not matter, but the smell can arrive in the same way. First of all, we always have to take care of it as we have been instructed. It is a first step and of course, the fundamental one. This does not indicate that we are free from all infection or from the body’s own rejection. But of course, it always helps us. In the same way, another of the reasons causing the smell can be the jewel that we wear. In addition to cleaning, it must be clear that not all of them work.

What it can lead to the union of skin cells and other liquids that accumulate show us their worst side. Hence, when we talk about the piercing in question, we opt for surgical steel, gold over 14 carats, or titanium but never nickel. In this way, we will avoid all kinds of allergies and the skin will look healthier and odor-free.

Don’t touch the piercing

To prevent the piercing from becoming infected and producing undesirable odors, it is best to touch it as little as possible. When you’re going to do it, nothing like washing your hands well. In this way we will drive away bacteria that could cause greater damage. So, remember that it is always better to prevent, before seeing how the infection takes over our new piercing.

Be careful with cleaning

We have mentioned it as a first step. But you always have to be a little careful. We do need to clean the area well, with the right ingredients, but without going overboard. The skin is sensitive, so if we are cleaning the area continuously, it will not heal in the expected time. Therefore, cleaning more than twice a day is not recommended. Remember that poor hygiene will answer the question of why does my piercing smell bad? But if you go overboard, your skin will let you know in other ways too.


Undoubtedly, when there is infection there will also be an unpleasant smell. But as we have seen, we do not always have to reach them to notice that the piercing smells. With regular cleaning, we are sure to control it. Of course, it will always depend on where we take the piercing in question. We will be careful with the clothes we will wear. We need them to be comfortable and breathable. Also the baths in pools, we will leave them a little aside while the perforation heals.

Body odor

Our body odor also gives us away many times. So, even if you have a completely healthy piercing, it can also smell if your body does. When you are trying physical exercise and your body is not properly aerated, then that smell that we mentioned can arrive. It can accumulate in areas such as the navel or the nipples. So, if your body sweats, the piercing is also clouded by it.