Why do we wear rings?

Have you ever wondered how long or why it attracts us using this type of accessories? What is the symbolism that it represents? Since when are on the taste of the human being? Here we will try to answer this interesting question and perhaps history can explain the fascination that we have today now considered a beauty accessory.

wear rings

Egyptians were probably the first who made the rings. These were large and the women used them as bracelets, one on each wrist. To the Egyptians the circle represented eternity and unity. In other cultures this figure was also a powerful symbol.

When the Greeks conquered the Persians, they found that the heads of the vanquished wore bracelets to show their class. The Greeks appropriated the idea. Bracelets awarded to the most distinguished soldiers to reward its value and made miniature bracelets for brides will use as the wedding rings.

For many centuries, the fourth finger of the left hand (ring finger) has a special meaning. The Greeks, and later the Romans, they called the medical finger, believing that it was assumed a vein that came directly to the heart of it. This finger is always used to mix potions. Since marriages were matter of the heart, it was appropriate that the wedding ring on that finger was used. The Roman scholar Macrobius stated that a ring placed on that finger prevented from escaping feelings. Anglo-saxons comes the custom of that wedding rings or alliances are gold.

The belief that the rings had healing powers persisted until recently. In medieval England it was customary that, on Good Friday, the king giveaway silver coins to them with rings were made to combat the cramps. And in the early twentieth century it was common who suffer some ailment thirty pence asked parishioners to the church entrance on Sunday, and to change these coins for a silver half-crown, with which should wear a ring would to combat the disease, particularly seizures.

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