What your earrings say about you

earrings style

Among the accessories for girls, the basic and essential will always be the earrings. It is possible, in some occasions, to leave without makeup but never without these small complements. Its presence gives the necessary touch to each of your outfits and will always be the perfect frame to make your face shine. This time we tell you what your earrings say about your personality according to the style you choose. Keep reading!

Pearl or diamond brooches

The jewels that have pearls or small diamonds are characterized by being classic, feminine and elegant. The girls who wear them tend to be discreet, does not like to attract too much attention. They are moderate and reject any kind of excesses and they love good conversations, a rich dinner in a fancy or elegant restaurant.

long earrings

Candlestick or long earrings

Girls who like to wear these types of earrings are characterized by having a strong personality. They love being the center of attention, they are cheerful and fun. Curious about what happens in the world, they like to travel, read and fight for what they want. They feel all emotions to the fullest, but yes, they never lose their elegance. Security is their middle name and they are always willing to experiment with new things.

Earrings in the shape of flowers, animals or hearts

Tenderness and kindness define girls who use this type of accessories. They have a very strong connection with nature, love animals and always try to maintain a relaxed and optimistic attitude. They look for the good side to all the things or situations that happen to them; if something does not go as expected they take it the best way and try to flow with life. When they love, they give themselves completely and often trust people a lot, which sometimes may not be such a good idea.

Vintage style earrings

Glamour and elegance exert a great influence on girls who prefer this type of earrings. However, it is an elegance that reminds of the past. Its motto is “All the past time was better”. Although they feel nostalgia for the past, that does not stop them from adapting to modern times so they have an incredible ability to mix the old with the new, bringing out the best of both worlds and creating incredibly enviable styles.

Earrings with geometric figures

Those women who are distinguished by having their own personality and not copying the style of anyone else are inclined to earrings of this style. Shyness does not go with them, they love being the scepter of all eyes and do not mind breaking with established canons. Their style is unique and the most important thing for them is not to impress others, but to feel comfortable with themselves. Their spirit is free for what they hate to be told what to do, what to eat, where to go and much less what to use. Independence is its second name and, definitely, it shows.