What jewelry used according to each occasion

Whenever you choose properly, the jewels are accessories that can help enhance any outfit. In simplicity is elegance, the saying goes, never better employee in this case.

jewelry used each occasion

There is a big difference between jewelry which can carry the day and we booked for the night. The jewels that are carried on the day should be simpler, we can choose between gold, silver and pearls, which we wear at night, however, whether it may be something more striking, larger or with gems.

Taking into account the following recommendations can know what gems we look and what we must avoid if we always project a good image:

  • Carrying more than two rings on one hand reduces the elegance (this is one of the most common errors), try not to fall into it and if you’re going to wear a big ring, it is preferable not to add another.
  • If you wear a striking jewel, the other should be simple. Let it be the protagonist.
  • Balances the tone of your clothes with jewels. When using strong colors, prefers pearls, gold or silver, and, on the contrary, if you wear dark shades opts for jewelry in vibrant colors like red, amber, green or turquoise.
  • When using rings and earrings with stones or gems, the other garments should be as sensitive as possible to avoid looking overdone. Jewelry with rhinestones are very smart but we must use them in moderation.
  • In the day, to go to the office or college be used on jewelry more economic, but to attend dinner parties or special events it is recommended to invest in value and classic jewelry like a necklace of legitimate stones, a silver or gold jewelry or with stones.

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