What jewelry to wear with a suit?

One can wear a suit for work but also for a night or day if it’s our style. Most women do not know what jewelry to wear with suit. A suit often conveys a strict appearance and do not dare to wear fashion jewelry…

jewelry to wear with suit

According to the suit
There are several kinds of suits and so many jewels to choose whichever one you wear.

If you have opted for a suit made of close-fitting trousers, an open shirt and a three quarter sleeve jacket, you chose to be elegant and glamorous. A fashion or fancy bracelet, a thick necklace and chips type earrings bring a little fun to your outfit without being overbearing. If your suit is dark, dare the colored jewels.

If you wear a skirt suit, long sleeves and a barely open shirt is that if you want a more discreet style. The necklace should be flush with the neck, the earrings can draw attention therefore are a good choice. As for the bracelet, choose a ring pattern.

Depending on the occasion
Some wear suits to work, others to get out. If you need a suit to work, it’s probably because you exercise the profession requires. But that does not stop you from being feminine. The fashion jewelry is accessories that can remove some severity in an outfit. Opt for a silver ornament. Simple but so elegant!

If you wear your suit to get out is that you simply want to be chic and elegant. This does not prevent you to “drop” a little on accessories including jewelry. The saltire will be the fashion jewelry to wear. And without hesitation. It is a jewel that grants all styles and outfits and so… Other jewelry will be chosen according to the color of the suit, for example. With a colorful outfit, you can wear silver jewelry. With a dark suit, however, the focus is on fashion and colorful jewelry.

Wear a suit does not mean not fancy. Instead, a little fun never hurt anyone. The important thing is to coordinate everything!

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