Wedding ring: Latest trends

Until recently it was dispensed wedding ring or alliances and used as engagement ring all in one on the ring finger. However, it appears that this trend is beginning to change and the wedding ring can be seen along with the commitment in that finger.

wedding ring

The first big trend of 2013 is around the Yellow Gold. For several years the white gold and platinum have prevailed in regard to the engagement ring and alliances. But, slowly, back to the traditional yellow has been gaining popularity.

Historically alliances and wedding rings were simple metal bands so that it could closely tailor to the engagement ring. In more recent times there is a tendency to show the alliance as a beautiful piece of jewelry alone incorporating some stone as the diamond or the traditional black which gives a detail of magnificence and luxury.

Another trend is that today the man tends to use more wedding ring than before when it was common that women only wore it.

Partnerships, both for him and for her, have a character of permanence, hence the reason why many couples choose platinum, but considering that yellow gold has a great following some choose to combine the two metals in partnerships and the engagement ring.

As the saying goes “about tastes there is nothing written” and each couple can make the choice of ring material that best suits their style.

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