Using Necklaces and Earrings

We usually have several of these accessories in our possession but sometimes do not know how to use them, an easy way to find to put several together and observe it stand out over others according to the look that we want.

Necklaces, always maintain harmony, can be used on any occasion and give an elegant touch, a rule that we must consider is the accessories that draw attention to the part that carry them, so if we do not want that they are seen, we should avoid using them.

using necklace

There are necklaces of all sizes and shapes, but not all are for all, we need to know is that there colors and designs that are for specific purposes, and also for each figure, having always think in the neck and the type of cleavage that we will use for this purpose it is best to look in the mirror.

The earrings are the perfect accessory to balance the shape of the face, with the right hairstyle, the rule is that the way that is most favorable, is the opposite of the face.

using earrings

The selection of earrings depends on the shape of the face, not fashion. There are striking, discrete, and large sizes that make them look subtle. The earrings are all very well in those with an oval face, otherwise we use that look good with our characteristics.

Another rule to remember is that the size of the earrings should go according to height; large earrings are recommended for tall people, of small stature look good with short and small earrings.

In short, the important thing is to use these accessories in a harmonic way.

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