Types Of Vintage Estate Jewelry

Jewelry is a way to express one’s feelings and emotions according to the situation. Looking back into the past decades, vintage jewelry however is a form of investment. It not only provides you the freedom to express but also act as a money multiplier for the future. Vintage estate jewelry when paired with modern fashion complements your sense of style. The best thing about the vintage jewelry is that it can be paired with all the modern fashion trends. So in a sense, vintage estate jewelry pieces are never out of fashion.

vintage estate jewelry

There are so many types of vintage jewelry that it can confuse even the most ardent fans and people have trouble differentiating between real estate jewelry and fake ones. Listed below are the major types of vintage estate jewelry so that you do not face such difficulties.

Art Deco Jewelry: This vintage estate jewelry originates between 1915 and 1935 and was heavily inspired by ancient Egyptian, Roman and Greek architecture as well as indigenous American art forms. Abstract patterns, geometric designs and a rich combination of colors is what govern the motifs of Art Deco Jewelry. Egyptian influence on this vintage jewelry style can be traced back to the discovery of Tutankhamen’s tomb in Egypt. Early 20s saw influence of Dadaism and Cubism on the designers of estate jewelry and in the later years, the astronomical discoveries made an impact on the designs.

Retro Jewelry: 1945 to 1960s was a period when everything was heavily inspired from Hollywood. From homes decor to clothes everything was designed as they showed in them movies. Clearly, jewelry was not left out from this influence. Every woman wanted jewelry like her favorite actress and every man wanted watches matching his favorite actor. It was a time when bold and colorful patterns were on the motifs with elaborate designs and big gemstones. Large cocktail rings were trending along with gaudy charm bracelets.

As you can see, vintage estate jewelry is basically pre-owned jewelry that was crafted between 1915 and 1965. One thing that people confuse vintage estate jewelry with is antique estate jewelry. The major difference between the top is the period to which they both belong. One should keep in mind the thumb rule that anything that is older than one hundred years is antique and anything less than a hundred years old is called vintage. So next time when you are looking for vintage estate jewelry then remember if it is something crafted after 1915 then it will be called vintage.

There are many online portals that specialize in sale of estate jewelry. It is very easy to find something unique in their collection because every piece was crafted by hand for a particular person which not only makes things valuable but very desirable. If you are ever in doubt about the authenticity of any piece of jewelry then getting expert opinion is always beneficial. It is very easy to be tricked into buying fake estate jewelry so it is better to be safe than to be sorry.

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