Types of pearls for wedding accessories

It’s funny but for a long time the pearls in the wedding day were associated with bad luck, a myth that has slowly been losing ground since there are many brides who choose accessories with pearls for the big day.

pearls for wedding

It is that far from the superstitions, pearls are beautiful, elegant and delicate reason can be great allies for use in a special occasion like a wedding, especially if the wedding dress is sweet and ethereal. On the other hand, accessories with pearls are classic and always have validity as well is that if you’re a traditional bride also you can lean by pearls.

In that case, it is time to know the different types of pearls:

South Sea cultured pearl: Round shaped or asymmetrical, with flashes of silver or gold and is one of the most expensive. It’s grown in northern Australia, Indonesia and the Philippines.

Tahitian Pearl: Stands out for its range of colors and forms that can be round, semi round, baroque and ringed.

Freshwater Pearls: These pearls are grown in lakes or rivers in China and Japan. What new? These grow in freshwater mussels.

Akoya Pearls: These are clear and pink and are used with bright. These pearls are grown in salty waters of the Sea of Japan.

There are many different types of pearls and accompanying designs. You can opt for the classic bolder earrings to those where the beads are complemented by chains or gold or silver accents.

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