Types of earrings

Earrings are accessories to all flirty women who like to look beautiful at all times, because believe it or not, this accessories can change the appearance of your face and your outfit, which is why you should know the different types of earrings you can find in the market so that you can look in the right way.

types of earrings

If you want to draw attention to your face and hair ideally wear big earrings, bright or colorful (do not mix more than 2 features so that you do not look overdone), if you’re looking for a more subtle appearance, small earrings are the more recommended.

Similarly you should take into account other aspects to look properly a cute pair of earrings:

Size of your face: If your face is small it is best to supplement with small or medium slopes and vice versa.
Costumes: If your accessories stand out or blend with your wardrobe, then they are ideal to wear at that time.
Occasion: Remember that there are accessories that look better on some occasions, so you should keep in mind for that time of the day and the place you want to look.

Types of earrings:

These are simple models that will serve for all occasions; you can have the same model in different colors for the combine.

If you have a style of clothing that prefers the ethnic trend, the ideal is that all your fittings are the same style; in this case the earrings are an essential part.

For formal events it is best to wear earrings with small to medium brightness.

For the more daring are earrings that combine different textures and materials, it take away the attention of others towards your face.

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