Tricks to show well jewelry

The best jewel may look not so good if we do not know how to take it and the same thing occurs in otherwise: a jewel not too good either carried looks excellent. Let’s see some small tips to show the possible best thing our jewelry and costume jewelry.

show well jewelry

The maxi jewels of much use. The point is not to mix them with dresses that have very large prints, as it is under severe strain the end effect. This big, bold jewelry not fit well with some fabrics like velvet, and we seem to the window of jewelry. The same goes for some silks, must try to show them off long before.

Ethnic jewelry usually has many colors, very powerful and perhaps material designs not so noble. They are especially well with neutral colors and smooth fabrics, free patterns, so give them maximum highlight.

If you have the problem of having a rather short, thick neck, nothing remains well using short and showy necklaces. Ideally, use much longer necklaces, visual way to create a lengthening effect. These very long necklaces are very well dressed rather sober, if in addition to being long are striking by color and design. Everything is a matter of finding that perfect balance.

In summer, with tanned skin, gold or gilt jewelry are very good. Of course when combined with warm colors in clothing the result is great. However, in winter with paler skin, get the best silver jewelry or silver with cool colors, especially if hair is very dark.