Trends in jewelry for 2020

Of course there are always trends in jewelry, but it’s pretty obvious that they are much more flexible than in fashion. The classic always looks good and that is indisputable. When we talk about 2020 jewelry trends, perhaps the clearest to follow, are in jewelry, for a simple question of price. We can buy many bracelets on each season, very large and very ethnic, but jewelry, there are very few that can be adjusted to a strict fashion.

old jewelry

Although we know that the indicated accessory makes the difference for any outfit, the important thing is to be aware of the trends that will be presented this year, take into account that the fashion of the 80’s may return for 2020.

Something you should consider is that the world of fashion can be very changing, for example, the color purple may be a trend today, but tomorrow the color red may be fashionable, however, it is important that you take note and try not to miss the most important jewelry trends for 2020.

1. The golden color

This year you will notice that everywhere and in all women the golden color will be very present, especially in the earrings.

golden color

If you will remember what fashion was like in the late 70s and early 80s, the earrings were XL in size and eye-catching colors, which made women of that time look much more daring and empowered.

Therefore, this year you can see an inspiration from that eighties era, among which we can highlight are the oversized earrings and bracelets in golden colors.

However, the colors in the metals can be a little more difficult to go out of fashion, that’s why last year’s rose gold color will remain on trend this 2020.

2. Asymmetric earrings

As we have already mentioned in the previous point, the large and gold colored earrings are the ones that will be prevailing this year, you will also find the novelty that individual earrings will become fashionable, perhaps it will ring a bell something unusual but this is the fashion industry, “it has no limits”.

asymmetric earrings

The company Chanel launched as a proposal that two different earrings of different sizes will be used, that is, they are totally asymmetric and that the difference in size from one earring to the other is noticeable. And adding the classic gold color it will perfectly combine with the fashion revolution that is taking place this 2020.

Among the most popular earrings will be the rings in the gold and silver color. They can also be accompanied with inlays such as pearls or stones of very striking rainbow- style colors.

3. The pearls

Again we will notice that we are going to refer to the eighties fashion. The pearls in this 2020 will take a lot of strength not only in earrings, but also can see both necklaces, accessories and shoes.

One of the great advantages of pearls is that they can be very versatile in combinations, therefore you should not just experiment with them and create great combinations.

baroque pearls

The baroque pearls will dominate this season, do not be afraid to invest in them, for whoever earrings put this beautiful gem have a classic style but without being boring.

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4. Jewelry in the form of leaves

Today everything related to nature is trending, and it is because people increasingly seek to be more aware with the care of our planet, so they constantly look for accessories that are related to the environment and thus project their position.

Jewelry in the form of leaves

The jewelry in the form of leaves will be very fashionable for this year, you can see them both in pendants, earrings, bracelets and in unique style headdresses.

Start connecting your style with nature and find the best pieces that make you look spectacularly natural.

5. XL or XXL earrings and charms

This year oversized charms and earrings like XL and XXL will be on trend.

Large fashion industries such as Chanel, Alexander McQueen, among others, seek to return a little to that eighties era full of important transformations in the fashion industry.

XXL earrings

What you are looking for with these oversized earrings is to create a perfect complement to any look, especially you will notice that the rings, classic and smooth, bathed in gold and silver, will be a revolution between the retro and the current.

It is necessary to point out that for the use of these earrings it is recommended that when they go to use to be with the quiet hair, in this way your face can be seen cleaner and more youthful.

Do not forget that if you are an entrepreneur who is started his business from jewelry or you are interested in creating a business relation to the world fashionista, this article will be helpful to give you an idea of what are the pieces that you start this year 2020.

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