Trends in jewelry this summer

Long nights of partying on the beach, sightseeing, shopping in the malls of the most modern cities, delicious combined on a terrace, or hours to the Sun, at any beach paradise, summer certainly comes as a palatable option … And it is!

summer jewelry

In summer fancy dress better, enjoy the joy of colors and clothes that makes each person feel more free, more attractive and better about yourself, but what about jewelry? What are the trends this summer?

A color summer
For the new season, which has been made to wait a little, the trend is to be the absolute protagonists colors in rings, necklaces or earrings, inspired in fruit sorbets, in the blue sea, and above all, in the brightness of the sun, summer jewelry are a reflection of all that is summer.

Large stones, and in one color will become the complement of the models of the day and night, and will be especially noticeable in rings and bracelets, jewelry that is not hidden, and that is decidedly ostentatious.

The most original trend this year is the ring pendants, which can be seen on the catwalks and in the necks of some of the international celebrities who have worn ring pendants with events and parties.

Fluorescent and neon colors are hot trend in clothing and footwear, but also are an option that wins jewels.

Jewelry designed to draw attention
The years in which jewels were a discreet complement had to be smart have passed, and the new trend suggests that “more is better”, so to win this summer with jewels, color and large dimensions are a winning bet.

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