Tips: Using gold and silver jewelry at the same time

Do not combine the metal is a rule of fashion that has been broken in recent years, and we could fascinate the idea further. Use jewelry in gold and silver while today is something that is promoted by celebrities and fashionable women. But do you know how to combine them correctly? We shared some tips for you to learn how to use gold and silver jewelry together:

arm party

Arm party: Give your wrists role in your look using multiple bracelets of different metallic shades at the same time can be as loaded as you want, it is best that the bracelets are of different thicknesses between each other, are okay to include watches.

One and one: Select a metal for your ring and one for your bracelets, so will balance each color.

Layers: when it comes to choose the delicate necklaces with charms, alternate depending on its length, will create a very chic color.

Ombre: Playing with colors like a gradient, accommodates your jewelry to pass from gold to silver or vice versa.

combine gold and silver

Less is not more, and more in less: The number of pieces you need to create a perfect combo depends on you and the place you go, dare to exaggerate when your activities of permit.

combine gold and silver

Combine with necklaces, rings, earrings and bracelets in silver or gold is not the only option, also there are accessories that have both colors in themselves, they can help to create a good transition if these combining both metallic or bring you unexpected detail.

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