Tips for wearing jewelry

Bracelets, necklaces, rings and others, the jewels have become a component that often drawn the attention in our locker room. Either if you are looking for in particular, buys any of these accessories if you want to know how to combine them with your outfit or if you worry how to care for, here are some helpful tips to wear jewelry.

wearing jewelry

Jewels appropriate for the occasion
As an accessory, it is important to consider what jewel we want to buy, because if it is use in daily looks, necklaces can be more colorful, motif or original forms. However if it is for a particular event such as a wedding or a party, you have to be more careful and match the costumes for the occasion.

Another thing to consider is if you want a necklace that stands out because our costumes are simpler or if you are nothing but complements. It is therefore essential to think in the locker room when choosing the accessory.

Highlight your look
The necklaces and bracelets are the best choice for your daily chic look. If you have a necklace with various colors and striking decide to use it with jeans, a shirt and a jacket or a simple dress.

If a piece of your jewelry stands out too much is better than you wear it alone and leave aside other bracelets and rings, remember that less is more, and it is better to focus your attention on one piece, because of another fashion will be lost between so many things.

If you have any part that has been flattered by a number, start using it more often!

Tips for buying jewelry
If you go shopping and immediately something catches your eye, follow your instinct, it is best to buy something that worship and that you are happy with your decision. Once thought of that, you have to try it and even try on others, whether the length is appropriate, if you still like thinking is key before you buy.

The bracelets are the latest trend. In gold, silver or different reasons, all are using them. If your excuse is that you already have a clock, use it on the other wrist! Or you can also choose to buy some fine bracelets, the same material and color as your clock and use them together.

Jewels of neutral colors
If your idea is to use the jewel that you buy at all times, then it is best to buy neutral colors, allowing you to combine everything. If not, you can also buy something in various shades of way to combine several options.

If you do not feel like spending a lot on a jewel one of the best is go vintage. That’s right, first check the jeweler of any mother or grandmother; you can find great earrings, necklaces and bracelets are trendy right now.

Another option is to use a fair or vintage store. This way you will find something trendy, unique and inexpensive!

Save the jewelry
It is important that when you’re not wearing your jewelry, you keep them because the oxygen ends up damaging the silver. To do this you have to have a special place for your jewelry or else even a Ziplock bag serve to keep them well maintained. If the latter option is the one you choose, be sure to separate your necklaces by bags.

The Container Store recommends you get a box with different compartments for each accessory, especially for those like chains and caravans that can entangle. In the case of bracelets you can put them together. Organize your jewelry will let them all clearly, and keep them secure.

Now you know, you have to think before you buy, know how to combine, follow your instincts and keep them maintained. Enjoy your jewelry!

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