Tips for wearing earrings

Women love to wear jewelry, bracelet, necklaces, earrings and rings. This is one of the most important leisure in the daily lives of women. They also love to buy jewelry in department stores or on the internet in the wholesaler beads shop. To select and wear jewelry, should pay attention to your own style and look. Although there are no rules required, you should consider a number of criteria. Today, we’ll give you some tips to wear earrings.

wearing earrings

Choose the correct form
The characteristic of your body directs the choice of earrings. The shapes of earrings must be in harmony with the characteristic of your body. For example if you have an angular face, the best choice for you is to choose earrings with pendants, which will lengthen your silhouette. If your face is a bit round, you need to add finesse with long earrings and avoid those too big or too heavy.

wearing earrings

Choose the right size
Too small earrings are sometimes very discrete and conversely earrings arriving at the shoulders are almost much exaggerated in everyday life! Choose earrings of intermediate size according to occasions.

Choose the right color
The color of the earrings is also important. For example, in summer, you can choose bright colors, but in winter’s warm tone colors is the best choice.

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