Tips for wear earrings

Earrings are the most important supplement for all women who always look nice and be well maintained. The earrings are the main accessory in completing our attire, sometimes we use the same color as our bag or shirt or sometimes we give our style touch their colors vary our dress.

wear earrings

Know choose them seems to be a gift that we have almost all the women, but we are in serious trouble when it comes to going to a gala event, we believe that if our dress and is very striking, our earrings should rather be sober, but it is very wrong, because if we will make our outfit shine, then it is not fair to place some accessories that neither notice, so it is best that do not place anything.

Do not be afraid to classic and clean designs, always dress will look beautiful if you look with a pearl set or a bright, first see them, does not decide before take time and try them with your dress or to know how to wear them.

If your face is oval, definitely has the perfect way to face and can use any form of earrings you want. If instead your face is square prefer elongated, oval or small earrings, avoid those that are too big to hang. If instead your face is round then elongated designs are ideal for you.

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