Tips for the fragrance of your perfume lasts all day

One of the aspects that most women care is the fragrance, as this is a fundamental part of the presentation. Often the perfume deals as a tool to conquer and attract the opposite sex.

fragrance of perfume

However, regardless of the perfume that we use it does not last all day. The duration of a fragrance on the skin depends on various factors such as; personal humor, the degree of sweating, skin hydration, and the pH and of courses our perfume.

That’s why we present some tips so that your perfume lasts the whole day:

Perfume in layers: It is now common to have kits with: cream, shower gel and lotion, which help to further secure our favorite aroma. It is always necessary to finish with the perfume, by sprinkling on pulse points; wrists, behind the ears, on both sides of the neck, in the nape and a little more in the chest.

Spread the fragrance: A common mistake is to spray the perfume directly into our clothes or body. This can be harmful since some fragrances stain the clothes or can cause a type of eruption. The best option is to spray perfume upwards and quickly to place yourself below so that it falls down on your hair, body and clothes.

Use Vaseline: Before spraying perfume, apply a thin layer of vaseline on the areas where you will spray the fragrance, in this way it will last longer.

With wet skin: Apply your fragrance after bathing, because with the steam from the hot water will open your pores and perfume will be absorbed better. To perfume your hair, spray a little on the brush and then comb.