Tips for look and combine bracelets and watches

We know that fashion accessories are no longer just a luxury that can give women more interested in fashion trends and dressing well. Nowadays fashion accessories are items that definitely can not stop wearing the one hand, because its have important functions, such as telling time, protect your neck from the cold or let you carry your belongings and, secondly, because complete your look in a very special way.

combine bracelets and watches

However, a question that is strongly imposed on supplements is the how to combine them and how to choose which go best with our personality. This is no simple matter, so we intend to write more often about it.

This time we will give some tips for choosing and combining two of the most important fashion accessories: bracelets and watches for women. To find out what kind of watch and bracelet are good to you and how you can combine them with the rest of your outfit – even with your bag – there are certain variables that you have to take into account. For example, to know whether the most appropriate type of bracelet for you is the thick slave or silver threads will have to take into account the length of your arms and the width of your wrist. The key, in any case, is to seek balance and avoid any disproportion.

So, if your wrist and generally your body constitution – is rather robust, we recommend not using too thin bracelets, as the effect will be that the width of the dolls seem much larger than it is. If your wrist is thin, get it a little more volume with the use of thick bracelets perhaps striking details such as gems, bright stones or dimples. In terms of the length of arms, remember that thin bracelets lengthen arms and the thick serve to give the opposite impression.

Thinking now about watches, it must be said that the ladies watches are generally small and have a thin pulse, as opposed to men’s watches that usually are quite large and heavy. Women can not stay within this standard without this we should reduce the range of variables and possible designs that can display watches. Female watches there for all tastes: there are simple, colorful, and luxurious – with bright metals or precious stones – or innovators, whose designs in general surprise us very much.

The important thing when choosing feminine watch is repaired in the manner and in the size of our hands, because the clock always draws attention, so depending on the style you’ve chosen your hands also be displaying a more or less adequate. For example, if your hands are thick, unfeminine, and generally, For example, if your hands are thick, unfeminine and, in general, you don’t like it too much attention on them, we recommend choosing a single clock pulse of medium thickness and without extravagant details to keep all eyes to turn on your hands. Now if your hands are delicate and long and attractive fingers, please buy flashy watches and slimmer to be striking much better effect in the emphasis that you put to your wrists.

Generally, bracelets and watches are left easily combined with the clothes and other accessories that complete your look. The only thing you have to keep in mind in this regard is that the style of all the components of the outfit should be similar. That is, for example, it is not appropriate to bring a diamond watch when going out to play sports.

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