Tips for choosing the best bag for you

We go to a shop where sell plenty of handbags and we immediately felt disoriented… Which one to choose? Color, black or white, large, small, with inside pockets or without them… In this note we give some guidelines for you to invest your money well and can choose the best bag for you.

choosing the best bag

The questions: One or several? Classic or modern?

Neutral colors
First of all, you should ask yourself if your bag is the only one which you will have or if you will be able to go changing it with others. In the second case, you are free to choose; but if you think always use the same, you should be more careful. It is best to aim it safe: try to choose a more neutral color, such as black, combining with the whole palette, or beige, which is fine with a basic garment as a blue jean.

Do combine the bag with the shoes?
Some women have the habit of wearing shoes the color of which shall be equal to that of her purse. This need not be so. It’s good that you consider the colors of your shoes to choose a bag of a more or less consistent tone, but not necessary that its color is exactly like your heels or boots.

Classic handbags
On the other hand, try to opt for a classical model; if you choose a trendy bag, it will be a little difficult that you can carry it well with your entire closet and also soon get tired of it. On the other hand, a slightly more neutral design remain elegant and, if you camouflage it with any accessory – for example, a brooch or a tied handkerchief – you will always have a “different” purse.

Defined for what you’re going to use your bag
If you are the type who are all day on the street, it’s better to choose a large bag, which can carry everything you need: cosmetic box, hand cream, tissues, sunglasses, wallet, phone, a bottle of mineral water.

It is also important that your bag contains divisions: How many times have you be blindly stirring several minutes at the bottom of your bag until you find what you wanted? This will help you keep organized bag.

Conversely, if you are using it for a couple of hours, for example when you go out at night, it is more convenient to purchase small one, since you will not need carry a lot of things and, of course, will give you a much sleeker look.

Now, go to the shop and take your time until you find the perfect bag for you.

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