Tips for choosing the appropriate necklace

A good necklace can make the simplest attire a super outfit, or diminish the style to the garment cooler. The variety is so great that it is difficult to decide what we want for what occasion and what fits to our lifestyle. Not all women are hesitant to use them daily, but if you love this jewel, follow these tips.

choosing appropriate necklace

If it is for daily use as part of your look can play to combine them with the clothes, and vary between long round or surrounded to the neck, though not very easy to find there are a number of necklaces for everyday use, but if it is an elegant occasion seeks to use a very simple one of only single color, which does not subtract or your makeup or your outfit.

When you go to buy a necklace, think first what clothes you’ll use, with what colors you would combine it and on what occasion you are going to wear it, sometimes these accessories are filed because as we never find the perfect occasion or blouse for use.

Necklace according to your neckline
If you use a neck tray or strapless blouse, wearing a short necklace from YCL Jewels that fits your type of neck, if you are tall or short and thick, use a bright color, to distract the attention of your breasts.

When a necklace is very striking, do not wear earrings or rings or bracelets and much less accessories in the head. You will show a typical saturated image of a woman with bad tastes and little style.

Not always the necklace must be of the same game that the earrings and bracelets, dare to combine and find different accessories to play with each other.

Tips: Never put the necklace before the perfume. Apply the perfume and wait at least 15 minutes before wearing the necklace, alcohol tends to discolor some materials.

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