Three Pretty Metal Options for Wedding Rings as Alternatives to Yellow Gold

If you are getting ready to choose your wedding rings ahead of your big day, you may feel slightly overwhelmed by the sheer volume of choice there is out there. A beautiful wedding band should be durable, comfortable and flattering to your skin tone and hand shape, because you’ll be wearing it with everything – every outfit, every shade of nail polish, and all of your other jewelry!

wedding rings option

It is for this reason that many people now choose to move away from traditional yellow gold. Because gold is expensive, and ‘fake gold’ can look tacky, most people choose to wear other metals with a more grey tone for things like bracelets, watches, and other rings, so a yellow gold wedding ring can clash. Also, yellow gold is becoming less fashionable in general, with white gold and platinum now being the most common choices for engagement and wedding rings.

If you want some ideas for wedding bands that are not yellow gold, then here are three interesting metals, other than white gold and platinum which we have already mentioned, which you could consider:


Palladium is one of the alloys used in creating white gold, and looks very similar to platinum. However, because it is less dense, it tends to cost less than platinum, so can make a good budget alternative if you love how platinum wedding bands look but don’t like the high price that comes with it! Like platinum, a palladium ring will not tarnish, so you don’t have to worry about getting it re-plated as you may with white gold. This all makes it a very appealing choice, and more and more palladium rings are coming onto the market.

Rose Gold

The warm, slightly pink tone of rose gold is beautiful, and looks great with almost all skin tones. What makes it appealing to many brides, even more than this, is the symbolism. Yellow gold means fidelity, which is of course important in a marriage, white gold means friendship, but rose gold traditionally stands for love. It is understandable then why those with a romantic leaning really like rose gold for wedding rings.


Titanium is an incredibly strong metal that is great for things you really want to last, like your wedding ring. It is dark grey in color, or can be polished to actually look black. This makes it an appealing choice for men who don’t normally wear jewelry, as it doesn’t have that shiny, ‘blingy’ look.

Of course, titanium can look fantastic on women too, especially if your usual jewelry style is more on the practical or industrial side (take a look at your watch – is it a tough, resilient piece of precision engineering, or a delicate, pretty little thing you have to take off before swimming?).

These three metals are becoming used more and more in jewelry, especially engagement and wedding rings, so if you aren’t a fan of yellow gold, why not consider these as options?

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