There are many colors of gold: pale yellow, yellow, white, green, pink…

Have you noticed that the jewels have different colors of gold? Even when gold is yellow, the tones vary, from the palest to the most vibrant. Besides yellow, the most popular colors are white and rose gold. But there are others, such as green, blue and red. Wondering how this is possible?

colors of gold

Well, let’s start by clarifying something: gold, a natural element, is yellow. It and copper, which is red, are the only metals colored of nature. All others, such as silver, palladium or platinum, are white-gray.

Gold is a soft metal and needs to be mixed with other metals to the alloy to stiffen and result in a gem that did not love. This mixture also influences the color.

Mixing metals more or less, reaches the colors. For example, 75% gold + 15% silver + 10% copper results in a lighter yellow gold. The same amount of gold with 10% silver and 15% copper results in a pink gold.

The rhythm method above gives idea of the mixtures used to play with and gives the quantities, seeking different shades of yellow or pink, for example. But there are other metals which also can be added. In the case of white gold, the revenue mix pure gold, palladium and silver. Another, mixing pure gold, nickel, copper and zinc.

There are those who do, like H. Stern, a jewel with special color, and we are talking here of Noble Gold. The color is intermediate between white gold and yellow gold, half tone champagne. It is a great color because it goes with all the other colors are clothes, accessories, jewelry and even with all the colors of stones.

Ah, yes! It also has the black gold. It is actually a ring of Noble Gold with a bath of another metal, black rhodium, which darkens the piece.

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