The white in high. And with it, the nacreous!

We’ve talked a bit about pearls. But nothing about the nacreous. Want to know what it is? Come on, then.


In recent times, the white back with everything in fashion, and with this wave, there was the rescue of pearls and nacreous. They are all with the ball and can be used alone, in a more sedate look, or mixed – are mixtures of various colors of pearls, pearl blends with mother of pearl or mixtures involving other type of jewelry, such as chains.

The pearl is not a stone. It is the internal coating of several shells, consisting of nacre, the same substance that gives rise to the beads. So many people call “organic gem” or “mother of the stones”.

The main feature of the pearl is that it reflects the nuances of color when light falls and the variations may be pink, blue, green and yellow. Maybe that’s why it fascinates the man for a long time.

According to some versions of Greek and Roman mythology, the goddess Venus (for the Romans) or Aphrodite (the Greeks) was born inside of a conch pearl, created by the foam of the sea. It is the goddess of love and beauty.

As pearls, jewels made with mother of pearl require special care as it may stain with the contact of perfume, makeup, soaps, shampoos and chemicals in general.

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