The various colors of gold

When most people think of gold, the first image that comes to mind is that of a metal with a soft yellow glow. Indeed, the golden tone of this precious metal has been its main attraction for centuries. However, there are other golden tones that offer a range of different shades and depend on the metals to be mixed to create other colors:

gold color

Yellow gold: Gold is the color in its natural form. It is most common that is used in jewelry and is commonly the result of copper and silver alloy to strengthen it. The more yellow is the color, the more gold it contains.

White gold: This variety has become very popular in recent years as a variety of modern color. It has the same properties as yellow gold and the color resulting from its alloy with nickel, palladium, zinc and copper. In some cases, to improve its appearance subjected to a bath of rhodium.

Pink gold: It is obtained by alloying yellow gold with copper and is used in some parts by the flattering effect it has on the skin.

Green gold: is achieved by mixing yellow gold silver, copper and zinc.

Currently, many women choose to wear two-tone gold combining white and yellow in one piece. These jewels have had a great success especially in the wedding jewelry.

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