The studs: a mixed gem

The studs is a fine and discreet jewelry for those seeking an elegant touch and want earrings combining the discretion of the beauty of the jewel.

The time where the earrings for men shocked and indeed gone. The studs have become very trendy accessories. Men and women therefore have a gem in common: The Studs. And it is not uncommon that Mr. takes the model of madam and vice versa!

stud earrings

The studs for men
Earrings for men and in particular the nail emerged in the 1960s. They were the fashion accessories of the hippies and the United States of the gay communities. But today, the highlight is fashion jewelry like any other and no longer has the label of “bad kind”, “rebel” and “marginal”. David Beckham is the proof. He never goes out without his studs.

We must be honest when a teen has ear studs to 15 years is for the rebel side. But from 20 years, men wear mainly because they are looking for a simple yet trendy jewelry.

The advantage of stud earrings is that they are both elegant and sober. One can wear them at all times. Whether in the evening or at work, the stud fits. Models are numerous but those that appeal the most are the white gold studs with one stone. Discretion assured elegance but foremost.

ear stud

For you too ladies
This is not because a studs is discrete it is nonetheless a separate jewel. Every woman should have a pair in her jewelry box. Why? Simply because even small, it has its effect. It will be perfect for an evening with a strapless dress, for example, if you wear a more imposing necklace. One can also wear it to work if your fashion jewelry must be discreet. And those who prefer to focus on a colorful outfit or rhinestone necklace will love the simplicity brought by the ear studs.

The studs is a mixed gem but also a fashion jewelry trend and was able to get a place in the world of jewelry such as watches, bracelets and all others.

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