The secrets of the septum

The septum piercing is performed right in the middle of the nose and, despite the fact that people believe that it is very painful, in reality, it is not so. To do this piercing it is not necessary to perforate the cartilage but the skin that covers it, therefore, the pain is not as sharp as it is believed.

septum piercing

The septum has a long history and is that, although it looks like one of the most innovative piercings, we can find it in images and figures from prehistory from different parts of the world. Its meaning depends on the culture in which it is made; it can be something purely aesthetic or a jewel with a spiritual meaning.

In some parts of the world the septum was made in women to be able to differentiate the one who were married to those that do not, in others, it was a piercing of the warriors by the wild appearance that it brings visually. In other places, it was to demonstrate good social standing, since the jewel they wore was gold and jade, a mineral that was not available to everyone.

Currently, there is a great variety of jewelry for this type of piercing. You can choose the one that best fits your personality, from the most classic type, such as a hoop, to a more breakthrough jewel, composed of brilliants for example.

The septum, like any other piercing, needs good hygiene in the area to avoid infections and poor healing. It should be cleaned, at least, 2 times a day with antibacterial soap. This type of piercing, two months already show an appearance of perfect healing, but in reality, must continue providing care until it is well healed, more or less between 6 – 8 months of having done it.

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