The perfect jewelry for wedding dress according to color

Once you have your wedding dress will have to choose accessories and jewelry to take charge of give a sense of your personality. Read the following article to not make a bad choice.

jewelry for wedding dress

The perfect jewelry for your wedding dress by color
If you already have your wedding dress the next step is to choose the perfect jewelry and accessories. Be sure to buy jewelry that complement your dress and highlight your natural beauty. Do not miss these fabulous tips:

The golden rule: “Less is more”. Ideally wear simple accessories that do not overshadow the beauty of your wedding dress and combine with the color and style of it.

If your dress is color…

Pure white: It is a very bright or shiny white. If your dress is this tone it is best that your jewels are in silver, white gold or platinum crystal type. Forget gold.

White pearl: It is very similar to the first but is more muted with light gray base. This type of target is characterized by universal so it goes perfect with gold or silver jewelry.

White ivory: This target is characterized by creamy tone, therefore, you should wear jewelry in gold. Forget the silver colors.

White champagne: It is a white with a golden brown base so you’ll look beautiful in gold jewelry.

Remember that a poor choice of accessories for the look of your wedding can make your wedding dress look different so does it carefully.

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