The most anticipated trends in body jewelry

The main trends in jewelry this season have to do with originality, brilliance and extravagance: large ornaments, pectoral chains and jewelry. After all, what could be more sensual, unusual and impressive a chain of gold or silver in a slim body in a bikini?

body jewelry

Any part of your body can be decorated with chains: the chain on the wrist, ankle and fingers, the chain on the shoulders and arms; chain in the thigh and abdomen, or even as decoration on the head, complementing your hairstyle.

The unique and peculiar trend for 2016 is the pectoral luxury Asian style jewelry, usually disproportionate and covering the entire chest, sometimes reaching even the thighs.

Alexander McQueen and Calvin Klein wrapped the stature of the thin model in a delicate web of chains. This testifies to a new wave of popularity layered jewelry. Together it created a trend of jewelry that moved from winter to summer 2016.

The accessories of the pectoral jewelry shop of the team of Alexander McQueen attracts with versatility, it is a silver jewelry that combines perfectly with androgynous sexy lace dresses with collars. And the pectoral jewelry shop of Calvin Klein has the shape of a bra.

In place of the variety of textures, prints and colors came the flat fabric and layered clothing changed by the simple silhouette. Perhaps that is why this pectoral jewelry became the most important accessory for spring 2016.

The pectoral jewelry chains is used both on the skin (in the summer) and in combination with the wide variety of coats or jackets, light dresses and tops made of lace, silk and chiffon (for spring). The top of your clothing should always be neutral monochrome color, black, white or skin color.

And if you can not imagine your summer without denim shorts, you can decorate the top of the legs with beautiful cascading chains.

The foot braces are also becoming very popular. Now they are not only made Indian style, but also can be used with shoes: heels or sneakers.

For those who have been dreaming of a tattoo for a long time, but do not dare, Rihanna (in collaboration with jewelry designer Jacquie Aiche) offers an excellent alternative. The popular singer released a collection of “flash tattoo”, temporary tattoos in gold and black. This body art is a trend and returned last summer. Now this temporary “jewelry” can be found in any store or department accessories.

Trends fashion jewelry in 2016 brings us some punk like piercing and other facial adornments. In the collections of Givenchy until winter, the piercing did not appear on the lips or nostrils, even eyebrows; now they are even in the most unexpected place on the face, on both sides of the nose, for example. Also the spring collection presented a beautiful and unforgettable facial jewelry exposed by the Givenchy House: tulle and lace in combination with white pearls adorn the entire face and neck continues with the fullness of colored gems.

Many of these trends are amazing, exciting and even frightening. But do not be afraid to experiment. Do not be afraid to complement your image with something unusual. There is also a variety of accessories for the body to choose the one that suits you best.

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