The magnificent tiaras of Luxembourg

tiaras of luxembourg

The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg is a small country in Central Europe, which borders France, Germany and Belgium. Given this location, its history has been closely related to these countries and even in some moments has been part of these. At the moment the country is governed under a form of government of Constitutional and Parliamentary Monarchy, being located like the unique sovereign duchy at present. The head of state is the Grand Duke and the whole royal family acquires the treatment of “his royal highness”.

In Luxembourg converge several cultures and traditions, which have largely been influenced by Roman Europe and Germanic Europe, there are even three official languages in the duchy: German, French and Luxembourgish. Given these strong influences in all aspects of their daily lives, the jewels and style of the monarchy cannot be left behind, for that reason we decided to show the main tiaras of this dukedom, since they have nothing to envy to any kingdom of greater size in Europe.

Sapphire Tiara

It is also known as “Grand Duchess Adelaide Tiara” and “Nassau Sapphire Tiara”. The tiara was elaborated around 1865 for the Grand Duchess Adelaide who was the wife of Grand Duke Adolph of Luxembourg. The jewel consists of a diamond strip which forms leaves of laurels and berries; in the center there is a large round sapphire, which can also be used as a beautiful brooch. This relic has continued over time by the Luxemburgish royal family and today it is one of the favorite pieces of the Grand Duchess due to the lightness and elegance that characterize this real jewel.

Grand Ducal Tiara

It is known as “Russian Tiara” as it was contributed as a dowry by the Grand Duchess Elizabeth Mikhaulovna, granddaughter of Tsar Paul I of Russia, at the time of marrying Grand Duke Adolphe I in 1844. The Grand Duchess Isabel left no offspring because she died in childbirth a few months after their marriage, however, her father the Grand Duke Miguel Pavlovich wanted the tiara along with the other jewels of his daughter to stay in Luxembourg in hands of Grand Duke Adolphe I, for this reason this piece has remained in Luxembourg over time and is reserved for use on special occasions.

Chaumet Tiara

It was designed by the house Chaumet in 1919, and is a tiara style of art-deco triangular design, made all in brilliant with a large oval emerald in the center and below a large diamond. This jewel was acquired for the Josephine-Charlotte on the occasion of her wedding with Prince FĂ©lix of Bourbon-Parma, at the time of the death of the Duchess, the tiara is inherited to her son and thus has managed to remain over time within the royal Luxemburgish house, also becoming one of the most characteristic and emblematic real pieces of the monarchy that governs the small country.

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