The jewels that fit the bride

Do not know what jewelry to wear on your wedding day? Here are the keys to hit according to your style. You’re a classic bride or daring, with more or less cleavage, with hair pulled back or loose, with a specific dress style, will shine more than ever if you follow our tips!

For classic brides
In your look you can not miss your engagement ring and earrings in white gold with diamonds that are not excessively long. Also you’ll be fine a tiara or a brooch on the mantilla veil type. Discard the bracelets and necklaces or chokers very striking.

classic bride

For modern and daring brides
If you want to encourage your dress, jewelry, colored stones or enamel combined with design will be your greatest allies. If you also place them in unusual places you will give originality to the whole. Why do not you dare with a clasp on one side of the waist or on the back holding a sash?

Pendants, both yellow gold and white gold is another possibility to play with. Study what length favors you more.

For brides with her hair
Earrings in white gold semi-long bright alone or with pearls, tiaras, bracelets or brooches in the collected.

If you bring blanket, hold it with a nice finishing touch, bright white, if you are lucky enough to have an old diamond tiara can consider wear it.

For brides with hair loose or semi-collected
You can afford to play more with the long earrings and design. Diamonds may be of baguette or brilliant. Earrings with cascade design, Art Deco diamond, alternating sizes.

Complete the look with combs of white gold in the collected and don’t forget your engagement ring.

Dresses with boat neckline
Long alone earrings or short earrings in white gold with brilliant and pearls. If the neckline is very pronounced, a thin necklace will be fine as long as you do not get to touch the dress.

In general, with outstanding long it is not advisable to take any collar or necklace; you run the risk of recharge the look. But it all depends on the type of jewelry and how you combine.

V-Neck Dresses
Long earrings with much favor movement with this type of necklines. Some designers propose pearl necklaces for this type of necklines.

Dresses with sleeves
The sleeves do not influence too much on the choice of jewelry, but always keep in mind that if you wear a bracelet with long sleeves will not look and if it is short, it can be a little weird contrast of fabric, leather and bracelet, therefore it is best to choose a thin and not very ostentatious.

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