The jewelry with tourmaline, perfect for any occasion

Tourmaline is a precious gem of the silicate family. Its name comes given by the Sinhalese term “turmali” that means “stone of several mixed colors”.

tourmaline jewelry

As for its history, the first reference gives us the philosopher Theophrastus, with the name Lyngurion, that identified this gem with the property to attract the straw. In addition, one of its most well-known characteristics is that when it is heated, ash and pieces of wood arise because of its pyroelectric quality. In the eighteenth century was also known for this property with the Dutch term “asshentrekker” or “strip ash”.

This precious gem, was usually confused by its aesthetics and coloring with the rubies, like those of the Russian crown or gems brought from South America during the Portuguese colonization.

The admiration of Empress Tzu Hsi by the tourmaline has been very significant, since ruled alone from 1860 to 1908 and in all kinds of celebrations, wore jewelry with tourmaline and also different accessories with this gem. It used the tourmaline until the day of her death, since in her malusule, rests on a pillow made of tourmaline.

In addition, this precious gem is assigned spiritual properties, apart from its beauty and its pyroelectric properties. It is said that tourmaline improves self-understanding, self-confidence and concentration, but it also removes misery, tears and negative energy.

We can find the tourmaline in all kinds of color tones, from the absent to the black. Although the most highly valued color is green that is very similar to emerald green, it is also highly appreciated electric blue variety or paraiba and red rubelite or pink variety.

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