The best earrings for your face shape

Besides a good haircut, we have to know what accessories are adapted to the shape of our face, so do not lose finest aesthetics. The earrings that best suit us are those with an opposing cutting our profile.

best earrings for your face shape

Oval face: The oval face is considered the perfect face. If your face has this cut, do not stop and innovates with all possible styles.

Square face: The shape is given by the sharp angles on the chin and forehead. Balance your profile with oval earrings – elongated or small – and rings. And preferably do not use large earrings that do not hang up.

Round face: The best for this type of face is oval, linear and rectangular designs. Do not use those that are large or in the same form.

Rectangular face (elongated): Again the round earrings are recommended, in particular, the rings. No long earrings.

Diamond face: If your cheeks are wider than your forehead and chin, then you have the license to use all kinds of earrings.

Inverted triangle or heart shaped face: Except earrings with pointed toes and are wider at the top, almost all favor this kind of face.

Don’t forget that apart from your profile type, you should also consider your height. Thus, we recommend the petite girls wear smaller earrings already high, vice versa. Although in reality you can get earrings and accessories that you want. Remember that these are only suggestions to show off your beauty more harmoniously and are not obliged to follow them. But to feel good about what you wear.

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