The best earrings for babies

Baby earrings are an ideal gift when a new member joins the family. However, before the placement of these many doubts arise since not all earrings are appropriate for a baby. Doubts that today we would like to give answer.

These are some of the most common questions:

earrings for babies

Is not she too small to put earrings?

Normally this question is motivated by the fear of the pain mother can feel the baby against placing earrings. Do not be afraid, she will not know. An ear of the baby is very soft and the slope put it just barely notice. The sooner the better.

What kind of earrings can give her?

Earrings for baby are usually of thread and this has its reason. The main reasons are two: the first reason is that with this system the baby as much as touch the slope may not take it away, and the second reason is that the sleep does not stick the outstanding back of the slope.

May jewelry earrings give her allergy?

Earrings made ​​of precious metals like gold are best for the baby. Gold does not cause any allergic reaction in the human body. Of course it greatly influences the purity of gold, with a few 18K gold earrings and would make sure that she would not suffer any contact allergy.

Where can I put them?

Until a few years ago baby could put the earrings in the hospital, but today is something that is no longer done. Put baby earrings is outstanding task of the mother who must go to a pharmacy where the professional in charge will give guidelines for placement.

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