Tattoos in the eyeballs, the coolest of the moment

Now that the tattoos have managed to be imposed on the market some incredibly surprising trends have appeared. Can you do a tattoo on the eyeballs? Sure the first answer we give to this question is not… however, this trend already has a good number of followers who defend it.

tattoos in the eyeballs

To what point this does not imply a risk?
You know that to make a tattoo professional will use a needle… so … a needle in your eye? We can already imagine the added risks that this practice can go so far as to have. The idea is to change the target of our eyes for something much more original; however, if the procedure is not done properly, the damage may be irreversible.

Apparently, the first artist who dared to do this new trend was Luna Cobra, an artist from the US that takes much time already in the world of the tattoo. In his own words, a friend of his had made a special assembly where was seen how would a tattoo on his eyeballs. Apparently liked it so much he thought he could get to make that adjustment.

What is this technique?
The idea is to inject the ink directly into the eyeball. This allows you to penetrate the inner layer and not spill.

You have to know that a single injection will have covered a large area of the eye… however, the tattoo is not done at once, it will be necessary that the interested person surrenders to several interventions until the project remains completely completed.

How can we imagine, the color of ink that can be used not summarized only to black, you can also make combinations with black, blue, red or any other color that you have in your mind.

The expert’s opinion
What the experts think about this aggressive technique? It is recommended not to do it because the probability of something bad happening is very high. Among the most common risks that can occur include the loss of vision as well as the production of a sharp pain. On the other hand, it can produce inflammations or infections.

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