How and when to wear silver jewelry

Can silver jewelry are the most versatile to carry, but there are some tricks you should consider.

wear silver jewelry

Silver jewelry is as old as the jewelry itself. The ancient Egyptians, The Persians, The Romans and even The Incas had great affection for silver and for all of them it was synonymous with purity, beauty and nobility. The oldest jewels date back to 3000 BC, which means that humanity has been appreciating silver for more than 5000 years as an ornament of beauty and good taste.

Now, there is a jewel for every occasion and certain keys if we do not want to fall into excess or sin for sobriety. The important thing is to know that the jewels should work around the attire and that the latter should fit the context. In that order, everything is based on the harmony they must have from one to the other. Continue reading “How and when to wear silver jewelry”

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