The Sardinian Jasper, symbol of Scorpio

The Sardinian Jasper is the stone that gives meaning to the sign of Scorpio. We know that the stones that correspond to each zodiac sign have a special energy and Jasper Sardo is one of them. It is a gem that gives a lot of power for life and even gives a prolonged old age. It brings balance to the sexual life of its owner and improves the health of the sexual organs.

Sardinian Jasper

The sign of Scorpio should use to achieve balance and settlement, especially after a psychic or spiritual work. In general, used or carried to stimulate mental processes and repress desires or whims dangerous that could lead to risky situations. It has the power to give confidence to the sign of Scorpio; it gives protection, healing and beauty. It has a great energy that helps this earth element to be more receptive. Continue reading “The Sardinian Jasper, symbol of Scorpio”

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