Cameos – Accessory that can not miss!

We have learned that the accessories are a must for a woman. So we have to start looking for more variety and all to create our own style.

Long ago cameos were a valuable brooch, they are even seen as a very special gift. And now we see them again… do you already have one?

The ancient cameos
These brooches those we inherited from the Greek and Roman eras. Women wore them as an extremely valuable asset. It was a stone carved with a very delicate figure that usually it was a woman.

ancient cameos

The stones were beautiful. It was used onyx (variety of agate), but over time other stones were used as elephant tusks, jade or rare seashells. This took some of its value and became more common but is considered a work of art especially for work requiring etching.
Its golden age was in the S XV but in the nineteenth turn into fashion thanks to Queen Victoria who adored them. It is generally used usually as brooches on the clothes or very close to the neck medals but also found earrings, rings or even Locket.

New styles of cameo
Times have changed, but the past is always a great inspiration. As you know the vintage has gained new value. Accessories or garments of the past in good condition are a great treasure these days.

new styles cameo

It would be great if you find an antique cameo, but if not, I tell you that no new proposals on the market. Since we already mentioned to you that earlier one was finding almost always the figure of a woman (Roman style) recorded and shells or stones were used. But now the cameos are much simpler and even many no longer have highlighted.

Using any type of shiny material which can be from a flower up to a fashion character like Hello Kitty and Barbie. As you will notice are a bit far from the ancient cameos but have tried to rescue its essence.

Of course if you get an antique cameo, take care of it as if it were gold! Its value depends on the state where you are, the era in which it was carved and of course the material on which it is made.

I think the secret of cameos, is about half-mythical waves that still carry and feel they have history. Perhaps you would like to use a complete set, i.e. earrings and medal. I assure you that you will look great.

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