Types of Labret Piercing

While most people are enhanced by the mysterious appeal of labret piercing and the bold statement it portrays, only a handful of people are acquainted with the different types of labret piercings and how they complement the contours of their face.

labret piercings

No matter which style you opt for, labret piercings can greatly vamp up your style and render uniqueness to your persona. However, knowing each type would help you take a better decision. Let’s take a look at the different types of labret piercings, what kind of jewelry complements each type, and what differentiates them:

Standard (Horizontal) Labret Piercings
The most standard form of labret piercing is located directly beneath the center of your lower lip. The hole is located horizontally, roughly 1/4″-1/2″ beneath the lower lip. Some people opt to flaunt labret studs, but there are plethoras of striking jewelry pieces you can adorn your labret piercing with. You can go for a labret lip loop, or you can greatly define your style with a snug-fitting hoop, like a seamless ring or a segment. Continue reading “Types of Labret Piercing”

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