Combine your gold and silver jewelry and correct with all your look

However, in recent years, combined silver and gold jewelry has become quite a trend, either by mixing the two metals in the same piece as through different jewelry each of these materials. Materials which, in addition, we are lucky, because there are two basic as far as our jewelry and costume jewelry is concerned and, insurance, fill without realizing our “wardrobe” if we stop to think about the parts that we have, season after season, in our jeweler. Because, regardless of what is carried in every season, gold and silver accessories are timeless and never go out of fashion.

combine gold and silver jewelry

The key now: banish this false myth and yielding to a trend that has gone from being an impossible to make style and “sneak” as a distinctive and fundamental sign of any self-respecting outfit combination. And although the most important thing when adopting this trend (like any other) is that you feel good when you take on, are some ideas so you can combine these two metals without fear… You’ll get a much more original and stylish effect than you can imagine! Continue reading “Combine your gold and silver jewelry and correct with all your look”

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