How to choose the right perfume

When a person decides that the perfume becomes a complement in their dress code, there are many occasions in which to deal with the purchase of a perfume, one does not quite know where to throw. It is true that the acquisition of a perfume has a lot of momentum and feelings, but upon reaching perfumery have to leave them in the background and apply for a while, too, a little common sense and some other criteria. Here we mention how to choose the right perfume through guidelines that are very easy to follow that you should take into account.

choose the right perfume

The personality
It is the first factor to consider. We each have a personality and perfume speaks when we smell and, therefore, it is important to combine well the style of the person with the notes of the fragrance. First, to differentiate what we like and what we dislike; second, to determine what best fits to each one. Continue reading “How to choose the right perfume”

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