Jewelry and clothing: Combinations that you should avoid

Jewelry, apart from styling, helps us bring our outfits shine and our complexion glow. And transmit reflect who you are, this being an important point because a good impression is something that concerns all women. Therefore must pay special attention to a good combination of accessories, it can enhance beauty or spoil it.

avoid when combining clothes and jewelry

We are not willing to let that happen and so in this post we put together the best tips where we tell all the secrets that you should avoid when combining clothes and jewelry.

Here are some combinations to avoid, for example:

  • Now that begins to cool and dressed with heavier as the point and wool garments, we must put aside too large and ornate necklaces. Our best allies will be a simple and discreet accessories, less is more.
  • There are some materials such as velvet, leather or large stones, which can give a somewhat pompous image. Ideally, use only with certain outfits and in small doses.
  • If your figure is plump you should be aware that an excess of accessories can accentuate the shape of your body.
  • If your profile is thin it is best not to abuse XXL jewelry or dark tones. It may seem that your figure is even thinner.
  • If your hands are broad and fingers are short, it is best to forget the oversize accessories. These will appear that the hands are smaller.
  • If your hands are thin and long fingers can help the XXL jewelry. These will help to dwarf (visually) the size of your hands.
  • It may be that your neck is short and in this case it is advisable to avoid long earrings, especially large hoop earrings. These emphasize more the size of the neck.
  • If instead your neck long can opt for any type of earrings, you just be careful if your neck is very thin because in this case you should get away from the sharp accessories.
  • On the other hand it may be that your ears are small and can not carry a XXL earrings, something that would emphasize its size. For these cases, the most advisable are the small earrings.
  • Otherwise it can happen, maybe your ears are a little larger. For them small earrings also work. These are the must-have accessories that every woman should have.
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