Symbols jewelry

Jewelry is not only the expression of trends and tastes. Historically it has been used to represent other religious symbols and the most diverse.

symbols jewelry

The most common symbols in religion crosses are so frequent in necklaces and bracelets or rings. The images of saints flooded the windows of jewelers medals minted in various materials and sizes as a symbol of the Catholic religion. In the same way as the Star of David represents the Jewish religion, not to mention Islam.

It has now taken much momentum jewelry with masonic symbols, especially the rings, bracelets, pins and other accessories.

The jewelry is also used as a personal philosophical symbol and each ethnic group has its own characteristics in jewelry. E.g.: Egyptian culture, Irish, Celtic, etc…

We can not fail to mention the esoteric symbolism that has many followers and many elements which respond to different objectives. Its style is mainly based on geometric drawings. There are some for achieving the partner, for fertility, good fortune, etc.

There is also jewelry representative for certain dates as the mother or father day. And do not forget the importance of the stones and their colors as to represent different forms of energy to power a particular desire. We can mention, among others, white for peace, red for lift spirits, orange symbolizing the awakening time and thus a large number of colors used in jewelry.

It is very broad spectrum that offers jewelry symbols and each one can be found suitable to their belief. It’s just search through the enormous variety.

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