Spring earrings… A style for every face!

This season is right with accessories. See what kinds of earrings are best suited to your face and hang the ears more spring trends.

How do you usually wear the earrings? Are you passionate about the maxi jewelry? Do you prefer discreet accessories? Do you love hanging the showiest colors or are precious stones?

spring earrings

Remember that not all jewelry feels equally well to everyone. Do not underestimate the power of simple earrings. Its able to ruin the look more dramatic if not match your face.

Here we reveal the keys to finding the perfect earrings according to your face… This spring don’t make mistakes!

When choosing earrings, we must not only consider the ones we like. It often happens that sometimes, we have not left as we were thinking, and is that the shape of the face and the hair condition more than we think.

If you have round face
Discard the rings. Whether large or small, round earrings will not favor at all. Bet by elongated square earrings with details.

If you have triangular face
You have to search earrings whose shape would be dedicated contrary to the triangular features of your face. If you like XXL earrings, a few hoops will fit you.

If you have a square face
You should avoid large earrings. In this case, bet for smaller slope. As to the form of the jewel, you will favor the elongated, oval or round, but never square.

spring earrings

If you have oval face
You should feel fortunate that the oval faction favors all type of slopes.

The height also determines/strong>
The height of a woman also determines at the time of choosing a good outstanding. To continue to maintain harmony must keep in mind that…. At tall girls and slender neck, some XXL earrings are very flattering.

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