Seiko watches revolutionizes solar models with a range of 6 months

Seiko has presented this 2013 a new range of solar watches that have revolutionized the watch market. These new models of solar watches incorporate the Japanese latest solar cell technology that allows a range in the dark for up to 6 months, which makes them the most advanced time clocks.

seiko solar watch

This special high efficient cell incorporating the new Seiko solar watches models makes all kinds of light, whether solar or artificial, into energy which is stored in a special battery.

Only 1 minute sun develops 1 hour charge (woman watches takes 2 minutes), whereas only 3 hours of sunlight can be loaded completely the clock with a range of 6 months or even 12 depending on models, thanks to their revolutionary low power equipment.

These models are, in addition, being very elegant. Photovoltaic cells are found are found in the watch but thanks to advances these go completely unnoticed, traditionally let down by these cells to watches. Today it is impossible to identify these clocks if it were not for the solar mark printed in the same area.

One of these new models is the Seiko SSC017P1. An elegant watch, imposing and water resistant up to 200m, buttons and screw-down crown and a set of high visibility in the dark thanks to its special phosphorescence. A part of the solar system, this watch has all the essential features in a watch today.

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