The unwritten rules of luxury jewelry

How to choose them depending on the time of day, event, season of the year or other accessories

rules of luxury jewelry

The jewels are the feminine complement par excellence and the oldest and allow us to achieve the touch of distinction that we want to give to our wardrobe. But we must be careful in their choice because the abuse of jewelry or accessories can cause the opposite effect.

If you are lucky enough to have many valuable jewels, it is not about going outside with all of them on. It is a gesture of ostentation that can be misinterpreted and, instead of being projected as an elegant person; it can give an excessively artificial image. You have to know how to choose them depending on the time of day, the event you are attending, the season of the year or the clothes you are wearing at all times.

In the choice of jewelry, the golden rule is that quality must prevail over quantity. It is preferable to wear earrings and a ring either gold, with or without precious stones or a fine and delicate jewelry, to overload with pieces of jewelry of poor quality.

It is always better little but authentic than a lot of imitation. It does not mean that it is not elegant to wear jewelry, but that good taste in the personal choice of jewelry is a mixture of simplicity and discretion.

It is important not to recharge and apply the maximum of less is more. A good jewel is pleasant to see at and looks, provided that we know what the right occasion, the right time and the right costumes are. Not everything expensive is necessarily beautiful and a fine jewelry, well chosen, can also perfectly function.

Today we give you some guidelines that you should follow when it comes to taking your pieces out of the jewelry box:

Consider the time of day

During the sunny hours we can use jewelry or accessories combined with other materials (wood, mother of pearl, etc.) to the detriment of diamonds, recharged gold or platinum. Silver and colored stones, used intelligently are also suitable.

evening jewelry

While for formal occasions or evening events we can use brighter, classic or finer jewelry. If the act in addition to be night requires rules of formality, we can go with all and risk with our best pieces. Do not ignore!

In the office

For the office, wearing exaggerated jewelry is not appropriate (you will want to be distinguished by your ability and professional performance, not by diverting attention to your jewelry).

The most indicated on this occasion are simple rings, earrings depending on the hairstyle or the rest of accessories or a simple chain or choker at most.

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On an evening

Although according to the protocol, watches should not be worn with evening dresses, even if they are very beautiful and completely covered with diamonds, we must say that things have changed a lot and women refuse to deprive of the watch.

evening look

On the other hand, if you have decided to wear a shiny brooch, it is best to prevent the necklace from performing the maximum that “less is more” when it comes to draw our favorite pieces of jewelry.


Before choosing the jewelry to wear to a wedding you have to take into account the dress. Depending on your style, there will be jewelry that improves it and jewelry that can cause the opposite effect to the desired one.

If you prefer a more daring suit, jewelry can also be, but if your look is going to be classic it is better that you stay with an option that always triumphs: gold or silver, accompanied perhaps by precious stones.

wedding look

Do not mix different colors in your jewelry. If you opt for gold, you’d better wear your gold bracelets, rings and earrings. Combining different metals and gemstones will only get the set to clash.

The hairstyle is also very important for the choice. If you wear a band, you can afford a little longer earring, but if you have chosen a hat or headdress it is better to opt for smaller earrings.

The protocol says that women only have to wear a small watch or jewel watch at weddings. And that, in case of not having, it is better not to take any.

In sporting events or in the gym

We must avoid using any piece of jewelry or accessories in sporting events or when playing sports, with the exception of that chain that one always wears under clothing or small bracelets that have already stuck to our hand as a second skin.