Ruby Ring: An elegant jewel, perfect for expressing powerful feelings

A ring with a precious ruby bears witness to the passionate and unbridled love that a person can feel for another. This fantastic ring belongs to one of the latest collections. It is designed in white gold, with a spectacular ruby arranged in a horizontal plane accompanied laterally by two diamond-shaped carved moons.

ruby ring

The diamonds are arranged on a lower plane than Ruby and if we look we see that the ruby is crimped with a double clip and bright yellow gold with white gold clip. The shape and design allows the ruby ring, a top luxury category, is shown in all its splendor, color, clarity and size. And it should be, because it was a ruby exceptional by its intrinsic characteristics, of more than 8 carats, a perfect oval size and the highlight is that it is of Burmese origin.

This fantastic gem comes from mines in the region of Myanmar, in Burma, which have been exploited since ancient times. Rubies come from these mines that exhibit this characteristic and unique red color called “Pigeon Blood”. It should this name, being from a very intense red and particular, which clearly highlights between other rubies from different backgrounds.

For you to know more about this precious ruby stone say that owes its color to iron and chromium, and its name comes from ruber, meaning “red” in Latin. It belongs to the family of corundum by the sapphire. It’s called red corundum ruby and sapphire in all other colors, including pink. Its value depends on its color, size, density and purity. The ruby is considered one of the four gemstones like sapphire, emerald and diamond.

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