Rose gold: Absolute trend in jewelry

In the early nineteenth century, one of the most popular metals in Russia was a gold tone pink, widely used in jewelry and ornaments. For a long time, it was even called Russian gold among jewelers and consumers in general. This term, however, became unfashionable, giving rise to the nomenclature rose – or even rose gold – that persists today.

rose gold

This gold color was forgotten for a time, until a few years ago, major brands of jewelry, including H. Stern, bet on it again. One reason for the growing popularity of this metal is its romantic appearance that stands out on most skin tones.

The beautiful and distinctive rose gold color is created by mixing pure gold (gold of course) to an alloy of silver and copper. But mainly responsible for the coloring element is copper, which in certain dosages enables gold tone variations, ranging from deep red to soft pink.

rose gold

Unlike white gold, rose gold has a wide range of tones – from a delicate light pink to a fiery reddish pink, causing it to be very versatile. The tone perfectly complements the warm colors and rich of autumn wardrobe.

Despite the resurgence of rose gold has started in only certain collections of jewelry, it is fast becoming a long-term trend. Even shades of yellow and white gold are timeless and constant presence in the jewelry, the rose gold has been increasing. It’s toured the runways of major fashion parades and now it appears in pieces of high quality destined becoming a treasure of familiar inheritance.

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